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Roof Restoration

Liquid Roof Coatings are available in white. Liquid Rubber Coatings are available in White rubber or Black Rubber however you can color it by simply adding a non oil-based "Universal Colorant”. Liquid Rubber Coatings applied over generally sound single ply EPDM can extend its life another 20 years.

Commercial/ Residential Roofs and Industrial Applications, Pitch and non pitch roofs,Trailers, Campers, RV’s, House Boats, Pond Liners, Roof Leaks, RV Roof Repair, Basement waterproofing, shingles, gutters, steel roofs, metal roof repair, air conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel/metal roofs repair, unit heater flues, concrete pipes and vessels, smoke stacks and chimneys, fiberglass and non porous masonry surfaces and vessels. Liquid EPDM Rubber is the best roof repair product.

Roof repair Often made after the damage has been done; however, if you keep up on routine roofs maintenance you can avoid roof leaks and unnecessary damage altogether. 65% of roofs replacements are performed because of roof leaks. Roof leaks repair can be easily done with EPDM Rubber. Roof leaks repair is a top priority among building owners and managers. Break the roofs repair cycle with Elastomeric Roof Coatings. Liquid coatings are also formulates custom EPDM COATINGS and RUBBER for your specific commercial and industrial needs. Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber are liquid EPDM Rubber products which form a membrane of 100% pure EPDM rubber when cured. this coating Rubber is specially Formulated for roof repair and leak repair.

Liquid Roof Application is best with a squeegee and a fine nap roller. Before applying, mix the pre-measured catalyst by following label directions. A single application is preferable to multiple coats. Touchups may be applied as desired after initial film has cured and surface is first wiped with solvent. To insure its effectiveness it must be applied at a 20 mil layer . Apply with brush around flashings and edges using long, slow strokes. On flat surfaces, material can be poured, spread with a squeegee and then evened out with a short nap roller. The Product will level itself when sufficient material has been applied. Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof should not be applied on cream color ALPHA rubber.

Adhesion will increase over time. Polar surfaces such as metal, concrete and wood result in stronger adhesion than non-polar surfaces such as asphalt and single ply EPDM sheet. Most weathered surfaces including single ply and thermoplastic membranes will have enough of a surface profile to anchor the Liquid EPDM Rubber. Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof has proven itself superior to acrylics, urethanes, and other elastomers as a moisture barrier.  Due to ultraviolet rays and weather conditions, sealants become brittle and lose adhesion, resulting in leaks. One application of Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof will provide an air and watertight seal that will outlast the original sealant.

By itself, the Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof membrane will exhibit the characteristics of its EPDM chemistry, i.e. U.V. and ozone stability, excellent pounding water resistance and long-term retention of flexibility. However, since it is always applied to an existing surface, the condition of that surface will determine overall life expectancy.

Liquid EPDM Rubber applied over generally sound single ply EPDM can extend its life another 20 years, The useful life of metal roofs also benefit greatly when Liquid EPDM Rubber Roof is applied. BUR systems often have existing problems such as delaminating between layers, buckling and stress cracking. These are further aggravated by wet insulation which often results in severe corrosion and weakening of the metal supporting deck. Projecting a life expectancy for the EPDM Liquid Rubber membrane ultimately comes down to a case by case determination. When the EPDM Rubber membrane is compared to urethanes, acrylics and other elastomers in accelerated weathering and heat aging tests, the EPDM Rubber shows itself to be superior.

Liquid EPDM Roof Coatings are aftermarket products designed to extend life, seal leaks, provide a heat reflective or aesthetic function over existing roof surfaces. Now you too can enjoy the many benefits of a weather-tight EPDM Rubber Roof. Liquid EPDM Roof is a unique form of EPDM rubber. As a liquid, it can conform to any shape of roof, flashing, or protrusion, vertical or horizontal, and can be applied easily with a paintbrush or roller on your roof. roof repair with Liquid Epdm Roof is now very easy.