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Copper  Roof

Metal Roof Shingles or Tiles

Galvanized/Corrugated Roof


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing provides many benefits for homeowners. These advantages are becoming increasingly apparent, as the dramatic rise in the popularity of metal roofs tells us. The varietyof metal roof materials is no longer simple corrugated tin roofs. There are selections that differ in durability, fire resistant standards, weight and cost.

Metal roofs can be made to resemble wood shakes, clay tiles, shingles, and Victorian metal tiles. Aluminum or coated steelis formed into individual shingles or tiles, or into modular panels, four feet long, that mimic a row of shingles or tiles. There are metal roof tiles, panels and metal shingles.

Metal roofs seal out water, are strong against winds, and are totally resistant to fire, mildew and rot. Metal roofs are considerably lighter than other roofing materials, requiring no additional structural support and making them easy to instal. Metal roofing shingles come in sheets or sections. Panels come in stainless, aluminum, galvalume, galvanizedboth in painted and un-painted.


5-V Crimp

Standing Seam
Standing seam roofing is composed of preformed or field-formed pans, usually about 18 to 24 inches wide when finished. These pans run parallel to the slope of the roof, and are joined to adjacent pans with double locked standing seams. Fixed copper cleats, spaced 12” apart and locked into these seams, secure the roofing to the deck. This method limits slippage between pans.
Standing-seam steel roofing is the most popular residential metal roofing today. (The term standing-seam describes the upturned edge of one metal panel that connects it to adjacent sections, creating distinctive vertical lines and a trendy historical look.)

Steel Roofing
Steel roofs are light, at 1/10 the weight of concrete roofing and 1/5 that of asphalt roofs and does not put much stress on the building either. Few roofing materials compare with steel.

Aluminum Roofing
Homeowners can enjoy the advantages of metal roofing by installing an aluminum roof. This high quality and durable roofing material is greatly resistant to rust and corrosion, inregular climate regions and at salt spray costal environments. It is a strong roofing material, light in weight at 50 to 70 lbs. per square, tough at extremely cold temperatures, reflects the sun and keeps the house cool in hot weather and highly resistant to weathering. Aluminum roofs are entirely recyclable.

Copper Roofing
Copper roofing has been used for centuries world-wide, and is favored by architects due to its endurance properties and lasting beauty. Copper roofing can be applied to achieve both contemporary and historical styles, and although copper roofing installation can be expensive, long term maintenance costs of copper roofs are close to none. Copper roofs last a lifetime, are resistant to corrosion and fire, and are extremely durable.
Copper roofing is lightweight, and doesn’t require much supporting structures, which saves you valuable roof space. Copper roofs minimize roof movement due to thermal change,which prevents deterioration and failure, does not require any decoration, cleaning or maintenance, because of the protective patina developed over time, which heavily reduces your expenses. And finally, the copper roof is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Tin Roofing
Tin Roofing is actually 80% lead, and 20% tin that makes upthe outer coating and is a soft, ductile material that forms anoxide layer making it resistant to corrosion. Its durability and weather resistance is reason for the popular usage of tin roofing throughout the 19th century, most of which is still standing today.
Unlike other forms of metal roofing, tin roofing is able to be manufactured in thin sheets, making it both lightweight and easy to work with. Tin is the cheapest of all metal roofing materials

Galvanized Roofing or Corrugated Roofing
Galvanized roofing is steel metal that is coated with a thin layer of zinc in order to provide resistance against corrosion. The process of coating the steel with zinc is called “hot dipping”.Galvanized metal roofing is highly durable, and unlike stainless steel which can reach quite hefty sums, it is an economical purchase. Galvanized metal roofing can last 2-3 timeslonger than asphalt roofing. Some galvanized roofing materials have been additionally coated with aluminum to provide extreme weather resistance. This kind of galvanized metal roofing is called “Galvalume’. Even lightning is not a serious threat to galvanized metal roofing, despite popular doubts, because it is impervious to fire and non-combustible. When painted in a light color, galvanized roofing can reduce cooling costs, making it energy efficient. And to top it all off, galvanized roofing is an environmentally friendly product.

Corrugated roofing is more commonly seen in industrial, commercial, and architectural applications. However, because corrugated roofing material is most commonly bought in sheets - which come in many sizes, shapes, and colors - you can tailor it to suit a wide range of appearances. Corrugated roofing is manufactured in a variety of thicknesses, strengths, and in several different weights of zinc coating.