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When it comes to roofing, there is definitely no doubt about it– shingle roofing is the most popular form amongst Americans today. Roof shingles are roof sheathing made of individually overlapping elements, usually rectangular in shape, that arelaid in rows to create a waterproofing effect.

Roof shingles come in a wide variety of materials:Wood Shingles or Shakes, Asphalt, Metal Shingles:Copper, Tin, Steel, Fiberglass, Cement-Ceramic, Slate,Rubber, Plastic, and Asbestos.Each material can provide you with different qualities, dependingon your needs.

Fiberglass roofing was first introduced in 1938 as an innovative roofing material, and his since grown in popularity. Beingsynthetically produced from fine glass fibers, fiberglass roofing offers flexibility, malleability, and versatility, so that it can be catered and matched to almost any roofing type and appearance.Fiberglass roofing is usually used as roofing and siding panels, yet can also be bought in sheets for full sheathingpurposes. Fiberglass roofing is glazed to provide a superior waterproofing seal, and fiberglass roofing panels provide atough and durable membrane to the roof structure. Availablein a plethora of colors, sizes, and designs, fiberglass roofing iseasy to install, lightweight, and highly durable, which means inexpensive installation and low maintenance requirements.Fiberglass roofing panels are also significantly cheaper than other roof panel materials (about 65-70%), and yet will lastabout 30 years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, fiberglassroofing is highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals, and do not rust, rot, or mildew, and are shatterproof. Depending onthe kind you choose, a fiberglass roofing panel can be highly beneficial to you and your roof. Roof 101 offers fiberglass roofing installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance services forboth residential and commercial applications, and would be happy to advise you on the best suited fiberglass roofing for your house or office space.

3 Tab shingles are an economical choice and meets allgeneral roofing and fire resistance standards. 3 Tab shingles usually come with a 20 or 25 year warranty.Laminated shingles are a step up from 3 Tabs. They have anadditional layer of tabs that make the shingles thicker andgive them a more dimensional look to your roof than a 3 Tabshingle would.

Laminated shingles have warranties for 30, 40, and 50 years.Premium shingles are going to be the most durable shingles.They have more visual definition than laminated shingles.These types of shingles usually come with a 50 year or lifetimewarranty.
Composition shingles are a good choice for a clean look at anaffordable price. Higher-quality versions made from asphaltor fiberglass shingles offer a more durable option and may beavailable with recycled content.

Composition shingles come in a large selection of types, brands and colors. Versatile, they adapt easily to different applications. They are relatively easy to install, and in some applications can be nailed in place over an existing roof. They require low maintenance and can be walked on without damagingthe material. Most brands offer Class A fire protection.On the negative side, they can blow off in high winds. Material is easy to scar if hot. Does not have the dimensional look of tile or shake.

The classic three tab shingle has been around for a long time. A 3-Tab shingle is usually the most economical choice for homeowners or property managers to roof a home. A great deal of homeowners in today's market are replacing their aging three tab shingles now. It's easy to tell three tab shingles by their FLAT look.

Advantages: Three- Tab shingles have many advantages, however the primary reason they seem to be chosen is PRICE and price alone. They are certainly the value leader in the residential market. Thankfully they are still prevalent in most home centers and commercial roofing distributors. You can probably find just about any color family you need to fit your homes aesthetics. The most common 3-Tab shingles come in 25 and 30yr varieties, however you can find these in shed shingles rated to last down to 15 years or so.

Disadvantages: One of the primary disadvantages of three-tab shingles stems from the design. They lay so flat on the roof that any inconsistencies in the roof deck will show right through to your finished roof. For a long time they were the primary shingles installed on roofs in the United States but have more recently come out of favor in lieu of the introduction of dimensional's. Longevity; the other achilles heal of 3-Tabs, although they are rated for 25-30yrs on average they only last 15-18 years.

Dimensional shingles, also known as architectural or laminated shingles, are becoming increasingly popular. These shingles are similar to regular three tab asphalt (or composition) shingles, but have two layers of shingle material bonded together rather than a single layer. The exposure of the top layer of shingles has random notches taken out, and the bottom layer is adhered to the top layer. This gives architectural shingles a scattered, three dimensional look to the roof, with different high and low tabs. But like regular three tab, they are still topped with a layer of granules for protection against weathering, and the base mats are between two layers of stabilized asphalt.

The use of dimensional shingles on your home can create a unique and interesting look for your roof that provides a nice change from the usual 3-tab shingle look. Dimensional shingles are also defined as architectural shingles. Many new modern homes will be built with dimensional shingles to give the home a more modern, unique and expensive look. Standard 3-tab shingles, which were used in many of the homes built in the 1990’s, have a rather boring look compared to the many different styles offered in the dimensional line. Dimensional shingles can be purchased in many different designs and shapes and often give the look of a shake roof.

Dimensional Shingles Dimensional Shingles (or Architectural Laminated Shingles) are now the predominant roofing shingles installed in North America. These products are manufactured as dual layered products (or multi-layered in the case of CertainTeed’s tri-laminate technology) and provide a thicker and richer appearance on the roof (a multi-dimensional look). Dimensional Roofing Shingles also typically are heavier weight than Strip Roofing Shingles and usually have improved warranty protections, which can range from 30-years to Lifetime.